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Looking Up: Far Away Asteroids featuring Simone Marchi

We occasionally hear reports of Near Earth Asteroids and perhaps our memories of the movie Armageddon make us expect the worst. But just how near is "near"? On this episode of Looking Up, Dean and Anna discuss asteroid distances, sizes, and threats as well as all other things asteroid. Find out what records may exist of the impacting living beings on Earth. What happened when a woman in Canada thought she found a meteor in her bed? What's our individual likely-hood of being hit?

We are joined by Deputy Project Scientist for the Lucy mission and Staff Scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, CO, Simone Marchi.

Gravity Assist: Lucy and the Space Fossils, with Hal Levison

The planets of our solar system didn’t have such stable orbits a few billion years ago. The giant outer planets moved around chaotically in their orbits, and Uranus and Neptune may have even switched places. To get a more complete understanding of the full history of our solar system, NASA is sending a spacecraft called Lucy to investigate the Trojans, mysterious small objects that share an orbit of the Sun with Jupiter. Principal investigator Hal Levison of the Southwest Research Institute’s branch in Boulder, Colorado, discusses this exciting mission, launching Oct. 16, 2021.

F+L Webcast Episode 15: Developing next-generation fluids for next-generation hardware

In this episode, Rebecca Warden discusses the work of the Advanced Fluids for Electrified Vehicles (AFEV) consortium at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Warden, who is the manager of the Fleet and Driveline Fluids Evaluation Section at SwRI, is co-project manager of the AFEV consortium.

TechTank Podcast Episode 16: What we can learn about Mars from the Perseverance exploration

In this episode of TechTank, Darrell West speaks with NASA specialist and planetary geologist Vicky Hamilton of the Southwest Research Institute. The two of them discuss the benefits of space exploration, what we have learned from past missions, and how scientists are testing for ancient life on Mars.

Empowering Industry Podcast: Interview with Angel Wileman, Manager in the Fluids Engineering Department at Southwest Research Institute

In this bonus episode of the podcast, Charli Matthews, founder and CEO of Empowering Brands, interviews Angel Wileman.

Space Club Career Chats: Dr. Roman Gomez

Space Club Career Chats: Victoria Wahlen

Space Club Career Chats: Dr. Kelly Miller

Designing Lucy's Path to the Trojan Asteroids

The San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics: A Billion-Dollar Research Collaborative

Back to School: Teaming with Academic Institutions & Research Organizations for STTRs

Exploring the Solar System: Lucy Goes to Space

Cathy Oklin SwRI - The Lucy mission to Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids - The Cosmic Companion 14 Sept '21

Artificial Intelligence Healthcare at Southwest Research Institute

Think Science | Spirit & Opportunity: New Frontiers in Space Exploration

2021 NASA Lucy Mission Update

How to See an Asteroid From Your Backyard with Marc Buie

Think Science: Storm Predictions

Astronomy On Tap - April Edition

SAMPE & PINFA-NA Present: Meeting Fire, Smoke & Toxicity Requirements for Transportation Composites

Space Club Career Chats: April 21

How Would You Like to Drive and Only Get Green Lights?

Weekly Space Hangout: January 6, 2021 – Dr. Alan Stern and What's On the Horizon for New Horizons?

Bexar County Business Virtual Conference - Eva Carpenter

First Friday Astronomy - Dec 4: Lucy Mission

STEM Space At Home (In-Depth): Living on the Moon

Ocean Worlds: NASA's Europa Clipper Mission & the Search for Habitability Beyond Earth

Psyche Mission: Simone Marchi Science Team Co-Investigator

AAS Journal Author Series: Natalie Hinkel

TX FAME Women in Engineering Panel

DPS 52 Monday Press Conference

Public Sector Perspectives V2x Testing and Development

STEM Space at Home: Design a Rover

Can We Find Alien Life from Phosphorus? - Natalie Hinkel

The Hardening of ROS 2 for Industrial Robotics Applications: Key Technology & Impact

AAS Journal Author Series: Craig DeForest

TAMEST Conversation on COVID-19: Manufacturing & Sterilizing Personal Protective Equipment

EV Insights from The Southwest Research Institute - Autoline After Hours

Influencer Series featuring Adam Hamilton, 2020 Chamber Chair and President & CEO of Southwest Research Institute

Interview with Dr. Alejandro Soto of SwRI - Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion May 26, 2020

The Contradictions of Battery Operated Vehicles - Graham Conway, TEDx San Antonio

David Nesvorny, Southwest Research Institute - Boulder

Weekly Space Hangout: January 29, 2020 - Plumes on Enceladus with Dr. Christoper Glein

TAMEST 2020: Improving the Path to Research and Commercialization in Texas

Lucy Mission Overview: Journey to Explore the Trojan Asteroids

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